‘Life after death, the paranormal, the unknown, the unexplained’; an exceptional evening in France’s most haunted castle!


Four international researchers, one medium, 50 experimental passionate lived the experiment.pour aller au bout de l’expérience.

PRGLOBALMEDIA//Château de Fougeret – On November 6th, at the Château de Fougeret, in New Aquitaine, France, took place a unique event. Attended by the giants of the supernatural research, to live and explore paranormal phenomena’s, the Château de Fougeret is the only place in France where conferences are organized on the theme of life after death. The castle, truly haunted, is a real laboratory and attracts, as such, all paranormal fans. Voice recordings from beyond the grave, ectoplasmic photographs, phenomena of psychokinesis, the place is quite propitious and therefore unique. The new owners, François-Joseph and Véronique Geffroy, Doctor in History, study the phenomena daily and have decided to talk about it and share their adventure. The prestigious guests were able, in a friendly and timeless atmosphere, to live and share their extraordinary spiritual experiences with enthusiasts from all over Europe

Oui-ja session to communicate with the spirits of the place or the deceased related to the participants. This method comes from the United States and dates from the nineteenth century. Many are afraid of it because in 1973, in the film «the exorcist», the possession of the young Reagan, starts with his long communications with «Captain knows everything»
Conference with Nico Augusto, Marianna, from RIP, the founders of the RIP group, the pioneers in France to research the unexplained and The Believers.
Then, dinner with the 50 passionate guests, during which Sandy Lakdar read an passage from her book «Our ghosts of France». The passage naturally concerned Felix and Alice, the «stars» ghosts of Fougeret


The most famous ghosts of the castle … Ernest, the father of Felix. We even recorded his voice. He called his wife, Angélina
Felix, photographed with his sisters, who was found dead mysteriously at the castle in December 1898, at the age of 39 … He communicates very often with us …
And Alice, reading a storybook, died at the of age 23 in 1924. Alice regularly warns us against impostors … These are the ghosts that come to haunt Fougeret, because we do a lot of spiritism and therefore we open doors for other spirits who have nothing to do in the castle and are disturbing our invisible residents …
Paranormal Feelings workshop and psychokinesis in the dark, in the most active rooms of the castle. We have had real results with object movements, phenomena totally unexplained to this day. The medium presents that night, Nico and Marianna, from the RIP group, ask the energies to kindly signal their presence by tapping against the walls or moving an object … Nico took measurements with devices detecting waves electromagnetic to see if unexplained movements are measurable.

The Workshop Program

• 3 pm: The participative conferences:
Short presentation: Nico and Marianna, their history, their basic training, current work, their research on the E.T, their international current turn etc
• 4:45 pm: The Believers Participative Conference also, their history, basic training, their incredible evolution, their current work on the international, the spiritual aspect of their investigations, discoveries, all that makes their signature so special … USA ENGLAND
• 5:45 pm: coffee break, book signing by Sandy Lakdar
• 6 pm: Presentation by Christelle Dubois on spiritual hypnosis, how to be in contact with spiritual beings through hypnosis, mediumship, and dedications of her last book.
• Group conference: In what state is the paranormal today? Where are we in relation to scientific research? Intervention of Christelle who works in the medical sector and has a lot to teach us about science in the face of the phenomena of impending death, astral travel etc …
• 7:30 pm / 9:30 pm: aperitif, meal together. Sandy will read an excerpt from her latest book «Ghosts of France», about the ghosts of Fougeret, Alice and Félix
• 22:00: video clip and soundtrack Excerpts from Believers’ prestigious surveys and Nico’s lecture on «The new paranormal place in our society, How to explain this craze? Followed by a soundtrack with an excerpt from Nico’s audiobook «The Seasons of Paradise». Lights and mists to accompany you in your very good trip.
• 11:45 pm: opening of experimental workshops’ collective works on the egregores …
o Spiritual hypnosis in small groups
o Roundtables, experiences, what change since Victor Hugo and the Fox sisters?
o Sentiment in various parts of the castle with Christelle Dubois, The Believers, Nico and Marianna. We do not play to be «Ghost Hunters» but communicators.
• 2 h 30: Debriefing between us

The Researchers
Nico Augusto is an author, researcher and speaker. In love with the supernatural, he created in 2006 with his brother Anthony, an investigative group named R.I.P – Paranormal Investigations. Passionate about the paranormal since his childhood, Nico Augusto investigated several years. It was in 2007 that Nico Augusto started his television career with the idea of creating a new program about paranormal phenomena and finally made public his investigations. Nico Augusto becomes a producer in collaboration with Little Big Prod. The Augusto brothers’ spectrological surveys appeared briefly on Swiss television in 2007, and then on W9 for a single broadcast in 2009. Nico Augusto was quickly contacted by the Canal + group, which offered him to broadcast his own RIP show on the television. Planet + chain in 2011 in partnership with Equilibre Production (Olivier Hallé). The success being at the rendezvous, R.I.P is programmed during 4 seasons. To this day, this program remains the only French program exclusively dedicated to the investigation of the supernatural. The United States calls him and he meets some major players in the film industry, especially casting directors and Hollywood agents who have worked on series like «Lost» or «Sons of Anarchy». Nico Augusto worked in Los Angeles for 2 years where he opened a development studio in Los Angeles Burbank. In parallel, he meets and collaborates with many personalities in the field of entertainment Fox Interactive (Xfiles), Blumhouse (Insidious), Nintendo, Sony, Lionsgate (the house of the 1000 Corpses, Devil Reject). Then he meets Grant Wilson, who offers a preface to the book The Seasons of Paradise. In July 2016 after years of writing and research, he published his novel The Seasons of Paradise. In May 2017 he launches the first Youtube Live channel on the observation of paranormal phenomena with his wife Mariana, their first observations and investigations led them on the paths of mythological France and cursed Japan.

Sandy Lakdar has a fascination for the afterlife. An interest that was simply imposed on her three years ago, when she attends with Jonathan, her fiancé, to a paranormal phenomenon in their apartment. Following this book the joys, disappointments but also the many surprises that await this couple that decided to radically change their lives by turning to spirituality and the world of the invisible. «For 4 years now, Sandy and Jonathan have created The Believers, a documentary series on research and understanding of paranormal phenomena related to a possible soul survival, and are investigating throughout Europe in places steeped in history to bring back video and audio evidence from this complex and mysterious reality. « Currently, Sandy is working with the famous Zak Bagans, for a British TV show: «Help, my house is haunted»

Located in Queaux, New Aquitaine, France, this majestic building was listed as early as the 14th century, when the Hundred Years War began. Bought and renovated recently, is totally open to the public. Fougeret Castle offers unique experiences. Organized in workshops, mediums introduce you to turntables, ouija and communications with the invisible. This unique place, because proved haunted, is conducive to these extraordinary contacts. In a timeless atmosphere, for one night, walk the castle with a medium and apprehend yourself this other dimension. Do you dare to open your mind to the spirits of the place?


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