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Thousands of French-speaking companies and people are heading to the United States to pursue their own American dream. At the same time, an expanding and growing French-speaking expat community is emerging on the Web. Establishing one’s company or starting a new life in the United States is no easy process. The plan must be well prepared and the project has to be matured in advance. Cyber-communities might be helpful to people first arriving in the United States. The communities can help newcomers stepping into the unknown to find support during their new adventure. In recent years, the Internet has become the primary information source for companies seeking tips on job opportunities, setting up, accommodations, or traditional questions about the visa agreement.

The expat-dedicated platform habiterauxusa.com takes into account all of these elements to serve as a gathering place for U.S.-based French-speakers on the Web. The website has an increasing number of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. All in all, more than 200,000 followers regularly read its online articles, watch interviews or share their own experiences as a francophone arriving in the USA.

The most dynamic online network for French-speakers has become one of the most important platforms for expats, particularly with regard to business expatriation. The platform connects people looking for a job with those offering one. A business directory of French-speaking companies is available online to assist newcomers in their job search.

Habiterauxusa.com also discusses local markets and the challenges on various industry. It also compares “official” information with the on-the-ground reality and provides tailor-made solutions to help newcomers navigate intercultural issues.
Habiterauxusa.com is a multi-functional site that offers dedicated services to the French-speaking market and future expatriates – but the online exchanges are the platform’s cornerstone.

They are regularly fuelled by the editorial team, which posts interviews with expat members living in every part of the U.S. The mission of the founder, Boumazzoughe Arthur himself an expatriate, is to ensure that French-speaking newcomers are well prepared for the different stages of expatriation and supported before and after their arrival on American shores.


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